Day Two

I woke up feeling pretty good, actually. I went to bed at about 11 p.m. and would like to shoot for a little earlier tonight. 🙂 As for eating yesterday, I did really well. No problems, no desire to cheat so I am proud of myself. I did get a little hangry after I woke up from my nap at around 6, but after I cooked myself dinner I felt a lot better and satisfied. The only thing that needed work yesterday was water intake…I thought it would be easy! But no! I only made it 3/4 of the way through my gallon. I have prepared better today and packed a cup with a straw to go along with my gallon, which should make it easier.

Food is kind of up in the air today… ate a banana for breakfast. I’ll have 2 hard boiled eggs for my morning snack, upping this a little since breakfast was light. Then, salad for lunch again. Trying a different dressing today. Dinner not sure since I originally had planned on eating with my partner in this tonight, but that may not be happening now. I could go by Smith’s on the way home and grab a steak.

Overall, still very excited to see where this journey leads! I like challenging myself and this is definitely different than how I have ever eaten before.

Day Two

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