Day Three


Well, I did a lot better on my water yesterday. I only had about an inch left in the jug at bedtime. Hoping to finally finish a gallon today. Not sure why I am finding it so difficult! I really didn’t think that would be a hard part of this challenge. The hard part for me has been not snacking, and staying awake from 1:30-3:30 to finish my work day. I usually would slam an energy drink to get through it but having water only has been rough. Did great on eating yesterday, wasn’t even that hungry for dinner. Only had grilled chicken, didn’t even cook the veggies (which probably isn’t good but oh well).

Food today…I packed a banana for breakfast. Still haven’t gotten up early enough to make a damn smoothie, even though I have all the stuff! Sigh. For snack I will have a hard boiled egg. For lunch I packed spinach salad with chicken and avocado again. I really like that by the way, and the Tessemae’s Italian dressing is my favorite so far. Dinner is unknown since I will be eating with Francis (partner) and he said he was going to cook. Excited for that!

Feeling good, staying on course. 🙂

Day Three

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