Week 1 Update

Well, life got a bit hectic and I wasn’t able to blog every day so I’ll update you on how the first week went. I did fantastic with it until Saturday night…went out for date night and totally blew it for a meal! So I guess it’s not really technically a Whole30 anymore…more just like a really strict paleo diet. And guess what?! I’m okay with that! As long as I am continuing to make good choices then I am still making progress. I am not going to beat myself up over it. 🙂

Today is Tuesday so I guess it is Day 8. I haven’t seen much results on the scale to be honest, but that isn’t surprising due to my hypothyroid condition which makes it extremely hard to lose weight especially when my hormones are imbalanced. So…that is a little discouraging but all I can do is just keep going forward. I am way more label-conscious now and like the idea of finding alternatives to added sugar or processed food. I made my own mayonnaise (super easy!), ketchup, and cocktail sauce this week.

The biggest change from all of this is my outlook on food. They say most of our brains are addicted to sugar, and therefore addicted to food and eating. The point of all this and paleo in general is to really just reverse all that and put our bodies in a fat-burning mode instead of always sugar-burning. Once you are fat-burning, you desire to eat naturally decreases. You begin to only be hungry when you really need food. I am seeing this start to happen believe it or not. I have never been less interested in food as I am now. It’s really kind of a mental game though and if there weren’t so many bad influences around me I would be a lot better off. I did cave to a small slice of gooey cheesy pizza yesterday a co-worker brought me… but that is the ONLY bad thing I ate yesterday! Moderation is key. It’s not like I’m sitting down to an entire pan pizza to myself for dinner anymore. So I feel okay with small transgressions as long as I keep it in perspective.

Not doing so great on water but it’s still a goal of mine. 🙂 Let’s see how this week goes! (By the way…thank goodness for avocados & hard boiled eggs!)

Week 1 Update

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